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Dokumentarfilm: "Finding the Money"

Wo finden wir das Geld? Finding the money ist ein Dokumentarfilmprojekt, welches sich mit der Frage beschäftigt, woher der Staat sein Geld bekommt. Der Film stellt u. a. Stephanie Kelton in den Mittelpunkt, deren Interviews mit der deutschen Presse wir hier und hier abgedruckt haben. Es folgt der Text aus der Ankündigung der Dokumentation, für das noch Geld benötigt wird und daher Spenden angenommen werden, um $15.000 zusammenzubekommen.

What if the most prominent debate in politics is based on a myth? When any politician proposes a new spending priority, the number one question inevitably asked is: "How will you pay for it? Where will you find the money?" Stephanie Kelton says this is the wrong question to be asking a sovereign government that issues its own currency. And this question prevents real debate about the most urgent crises facing humanity today: the climate crisis, the coronavirus crisis, and an economic crisis. She says, “Finding the Money is the easiest part.Kelton embarks on a challenge to turn everything we think we know about money, debt, and taxes upside down.

FINDING THE MONEY captures the historic rise of Modern Monetary Theory, one of the biggest theoretical shifts to hit politics and economics in decades. Kelton states the US federal government is not like a household, it does not borrow money like you or me, and the national debt is not leaving a burden for our children and grandchildren to pay back: in fact it is doing quite the opposite.  Her ideas run so counter to mainstream economics, she is not surprised when top tier economists from both sides of the political spectrum berate the theory as “voodoo economics”, “dangerous”, and “just plain wrong”.

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